A self-serve Programmatic platform for SMEs

Please note, this blog post has been written for a University assignment.

Programmatic. You may or may not have heard of it, but it is quite possibly the biggest buzz word in advertising at the moment, and something that is only going to get more hyped over the coming years. Indeed, the majority of display advertising was served programmatically in 2015, with experts predicting that this will dominate all advertising by the start of 2020. But what is programmatic?

Put simply, programmatic is an automated way of buying advertising. It focuses on targeting individuals rather than channel, platform or device. To do this, algorithms evaluate the ‘value’ of each contact opportunity (in real time), based on known and inferred information on specific users. Software then bids to serve adverts to these users, based on context, data and value.

What does this mean? This means that adverts are more relevant – people are targeted based on their behaviour and online profiles; and more efficient – programmatic is an automated process that allows visibility on spend and results. For example, if you’re an employer with a specific recruitment drive, you can serve adverts to people that fit your criteria (e.g. education / experience) and are browsing relevant content (e.g. job sites / career advice).  With tracking, it is possible to then see how many of those complete an application form for the position, to give you what’s called a CPA (cost per acquisition – remember this for later!).

A crowded marketplace
One of the issues with programmatic is that it’s a crowded marketplace. A quick Google search will return a multitude of suppliers all purporting to deliver great results for advertisers. When examined more closely however, the majority of them have high minimum spends (the main players for example typically start at £10k), limited reach, aren’t transparent in their reporting, and have complicated systems that are difficult to navigate.

SHB Programmatic
That’s where SHB Programmatic comes in. SHB Programmatic is a tool for SMES that removes all the jargon and complexity, making it easy for you to reach your potential customers on a simple platform where you only pay for results. SHB Programmatic in a nutshell:

Programmatic System

SHB Programmatic is a simple system whereby you upload data on the kinds of people you want to target, for example; age, location and interests etc. You then upload the adverts you want to use to target these people, in an easy drag and drop upload tool. At this stage you can set your campaign budget and goals – there is no minimum spend, as SHB Programmatic works on a CPA model. Remember this from earlier? This means that you only pay when you get conversions. For example, this might be website sign ups or purchases, and you’ll get an idea of exactly how much each will cost at this stage too before you proceed.

Once this has been submitted, SHB Programmatic bids on the most relevant impressions across a range of premium sites, using different tactics to reach your target audience at scale. As the campaign progresses, SHB Programmatic ‘learns’ in the sense that it will refine the targeting and use audience data to form ‘lookalike’ audiences  – expanding the targeting further to reach those similar to the ones that have converted.

Whilst the campaign is running, you’ll have full access to an innovative dashboard, which will enable you to closely monitor performance, broken down by who your adverts are being served to, how they’re being targeted, what tactics are working, and how many conversions you’ve had. The beauty of this system means it’s incredibly easy to top up the campaign – just specify how many conversions you need, allocate the budget and the targeting will be switched back on.

Still not convinced or need more information? The video below details the SHB Programmatic system, the benefits, and exactly how it works:

How SHB Programmatic Works

Interested? Email s.h.bracegirdle@edu.salford.co.uk for more information.


Icons made by Freepik and MadebyOliver from www.flaticon.com


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